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Brief: To create a native garden, including a pond to be enjoyed from the fully glazed bathroom wall, which also maximises the magnificent surrounding views yet screen neighbouring rooftops.

Solution: We used over five truckloads of beautiful field granite boulders and quite a few lineal metres of bolstered granite rock for steps and our natural pond and waterfall. We created a beautiful pond where the water cascades over the granite into a lower pond. The boys have also done a great job of laying the random Castlemaine paving and the beautifully crafted Wistow stone wall. It is a significant garden with over 500 square metres of new lawn. The lawn acts like a negative edge pool framing the outstanding views of surrounding countryside and strategic planting will eventually screen the rooftops. Unfortunately we have had to protect all the new plantings from the rabbit population which doesn’t look fantastic in photography but as the plants get established in the newly prepared soil, we can gradually remove them.

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