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John French – Landscape Designers Melbourne

Melbourne, routinely awarded the title of the world’s most livable city, is famed for its temperate year-long climate – a fact not lost by its four million residents. Unlike most major cities in Australia, or the world for that matter, landscape architecture performs a crucial role in the thriving social scenes here. But more than that, aesthetically beautiful and pragmatic landscaping also enhances the value of homes and commercial properties.

Naturally, the selection of the perfect landscape designers Melbourne Victoria offers is of vital importance to homeowners. This is why John French is one of the most sought after services in the area. Helmed by award-winning 32-year industry veteran John French, the company develops functional modern designs that are at once picturesque, practical and cost effective. Homeowners can look forward to years of comfort and pleasure within the confines of their sanctuary.

John, whose earliest artistic influences was shaped by Ellis Stones (1895-1975), the pioneer of the Australian landscaping industry, is noted for his diverse, inventive and functional style that incorporates elements from the native flora and environmental sustainability. His company provides a full suite of landscaping services which include, but are not limited to:

Landscape Designers Melbourne Victoria – John French

We provide a complete onsite consultation and interview to develop the client’s vision, establish the budget and formulate the initial design and construction schedule. The onsite visit will also provide the opportunity to evaluate potential terrain, structural and climate issues. With these information in hand, the company will be able to construct a draft conceptual  design.  Check out our reviews on Houzz.

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Do You Offer Landscape Construction and Maintenance?

John’s long presence in the industry has allowed him to develop successful partnerships with reputable organisations in parallel industries, such as construction and architecture. This ensures that he is able to recommend the most qualified contractors to clients to support his landscaping ideas and visions.

♦ Construction Administration

Managing a construction schedule and crew, along with fulfilling regulatory and legal requirements, is a time-consuming task that is best left in the hands of trusted and experienced professionals – something that the company has an abundance of.

♦ Commercial Landscape Architecture

Commercial, urban, residential and public domain developments require landscape designers that can communicate a winning vision of the project to regulatory bodies, civic groups and concerned citizens. For existing structures, an artfully designed landscape by landscape architects can be a source of pride and comfort for the building occupants, which automatically enhances the perceived value of the property. You will find such an expert in John.

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♦ Pool Landscaping

Every great pool landscaping ideas has to start with a great concept, one that ideally combines elements of nature with sparkling blue waters. If you’re looking at something more than the traditional square concrete pool, then picture a natural lagoon hidden inside a lush tropical garden, complete with flowing elevation and a mini waterfall.

♦ Backyard and Front Yard Patio Design

Backyard and front yard landscaping and patio design can instantly transform existing properties. The artful and creative additions of a patio, fire pits, deck and ferns, among others, will elevate the aesthetic appeal and value of properties.  Everything from japanese and small garden and yard ideas including backyards and contemporary design.

♦ Plant Selection Consultations

Our consultation extends far from the usual supplier recommendations for trees, plants and shrubberies. Instead, we take the time to explain to clients planting design by discussing selection criteria, plant placement, plant care and plant maintenance.  The correct planting design is crucial to the success of any project.

♦ Environmental Design

We take great effort to incorporate ecological awareness and sustainability into our projects, and minimizing resource consumption of the plants introduced by using drought tolerant genus.  This is an important aspect of our Melbourne landscaping designs.

♦ Landscape Gardening

The art of garden landscape ideas lies in the selection of plants that will flourish within particular micro climates. A varied selection of seasonal and permanent plants, along with height, colour, foliage and planting symmetry, is important towards achieving the client’s ideal garden. Subsequent maintenance and care, and future gardening activities will also be taken into account during the conceptualisation stage.  At the landscaping Victoria website you can learn more information regarding this and all things landscaping.

♦ Irrigation Plan

A good irrigation plan ensures full optimisation of existing surface and underground water, especially towards new plant life. However, care should be taken to prevent damaging existing and future ecosystems.

♦ Fountain Design

Everyone loves a fountain, especially thematic ones. We provide visually attractive and durable fountain and water feature designs that blend with your garden and home.

♦ Hardscape Design

Hardscape materials, like boulders and rocks, are capable of instantly elevating mundane and frigid gardens into living works of art. Hardscape design also work well with water elements.  We also offer solutions for retaining walls.

♦ Other Landscape Solutions

We offer several other support solutions for clients including stonework, carpentry, pruning, trimming and lighting.

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